A short history of veteran Ahmadi Muslim preachers in Ghana

Ahmadiyyat was introduced into Ghana in 1923 as an Islamic Mission­ary Movement. On the occasion of it’s centenary celebration this year, let us use the occasion to remember our preachers, through whose untiring ef­forts and preaching activities has sent Ahmadiyyat’s message to all corners of the country.

The primary objectives of preach­ing in Ahmadiyyat is the spread of the message of its founder, Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, India. He claimed in 1875 to have fulfilled the second advent of Christ, just as John the Baptist fulfilled the second advent of Elijah the Prophet as prophecised in Malachi 4:4 . He therefore claimed to be the expected Messiah of the Christians and the awaited Mahdi (Guided One) of the Muslims. Hence the combined title, Promised Messiah and the Mahdi, on whom be peace.

His advent took place amongst the Muslims. Since then up to date his followers, under the able leader­ship of his Khalifas and Amirs, have continued to spread his message worldwide.

The current Khalifa is Hadrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, may Allah be pleased with him, while the Amir in Ghana is Maulana Muhammed Noor Salih, The deputy is Maulvi Yusif Yawson, may Allah be pleased with them.

The following are the list of names of some of the veteran preachers.

If you know of some veteran preachers whose names did not appear , kindly let me know so as to enable me publish their names in a future article: Mallam Alhaji Issah Nsiah, Kumasi (Deceased ); Alhaji Muhammed Oppong, Kumasi (De­ceased); Mallam Issah Ayeku, Accra ; Mr Ismail Donkor, Kumasi, Mr . Issah Agyeman, Kumasi ; Papa Alhas­san, Takoradi , Mr Umar Nkrumah; Takoradi; Mr Issah Williams ;Takora­di ; Mr. Abdullah Amuah, Kumasi Mr Williams, Takoradi; Mr Abdullah Amuah, Kumasi; Mr. Muhammed Amuah, brother of Abdullah Amuah, Mr Abdullah Amuah, Swedru, Mr. Musah Amuah, Kumasi, Mr .Musah Damtey, Accra, Mr Ibrahim Bonsu ,Accra , Alhaj Ibrahim Appau, London based, Mr Abdullah Osei, Alhaj Ibrahim Nkansah Baidoo, Accra (Deceased ), Mr. Ahmed Anyinabi, Akim Oda, Mr Abdul Karim, Akyim Oda, Mr Adam Kofi, Accra, Mr.Ibrahim Essandoh , Tema; Mr. Mustapha Baidoo, Ac­cra; Mr Ibrahim Asante, Nkawkaw ; Mr. Harun Ofosu, Nkawkaw; Teacher Yakub, Nkawkaw; Mr Ayyub Ben Ibrahim, Ashanti Regional Preaching Secretary .He was appointed to this office after the death of Mallam Ennin the long time Preaching Secretary of Ashanti Region. He died in 1989 at the age of about 62 years. Mr Sadiq Donkor Brong Ahafo , Mr Labib an Arabic

Scholar and a devoted veteran preacher, Alhaj Harun Nsuatre, anArabic scholar and preacher, He preached for over 30 years; Alhaj Abu, Tamale; Alhaj Yakub Buabeng, Swedru. He was the overall Preaching Secretary in Ghana. He was illiterate, rich and generous. He would slaughter sheep, prepare nutritious meal and feed the preachers during preach­ing tour. He would also hire cars to convey preachers to their preaching destinations; Mr. Jibril Adam, the father-in law of Maulvi Yusif Yawson, the Naib Amir, Asokore Imam etc.

Let me zero in on some few individual preachers who were personally known to me for the fact that I always like to speak from personal experience, since I can describe things best . That person is no other than Mallam Alhaj Issah Nsiah of Kumasi.

I was then very young, not more than nine years old at the time. I used to visit my father (Ahmed) a watch repairer and his junior brother Umar at Kadjetia in Kumasi, where Mallam Issah used to preach, mostly using the bible and occasionally about the Mahdi and Islam . Permit me to say that his recitation of the Quran was with heavy accents, but his faith in Islam and Ahmadiyyat was extraordinary. He would fervently convey his preaching’s in Twi.

Anytime I saw him preaching he would be wearing wellington­boots, perhaps as an indication of his battle – readiness ‘ for Islam . Mallam Issah was dark com­plexioned and was very popular with the Muslim audience, since he defended Islam so well in his preaching’s in the face of Christian objections and attacks;they liked him.

Mallam Issah, most likely, was an illiterate and a convert from Christianity but a man full of faith.

I have shed some light on his background, just to let people know the fact that the people used by Allah through the early Indian and Pakistani Missionaries were people of low educational background, but full of faith and devotion. Through his efforts and sacrifices the Kadjetia Kuma­si Preaching was the strongest preaching group in the whole country.

I officially accepted Ahmadiyyat in 1968 or thereabout and made my Bai’at (oath of allegiance) to the third khalifa through Maulvi Khan, a Pakistani Missionar Having found me knowledge­able in Islam he joined me to the Kumasi-kadjetia preaching group where I preached inspiringly on the appearance of the Mahdi using the Quran and Hadith. Mallam Ennin, the father of Alhaji Ennin (the later passed away in 2022,Ac­cra), was the preaching secretary and would always put me on the preaching list . Preaching in those days was done, mostly, using the Bible . I remember few of other preachers like Mallam Yusif Osei, Mallam Ahmed (Ako Balm), Yusif Ahmed Adusei, Coffin Preacher etc.

I wish to thank Mr Abdul Malik Akwasi Addae, a veteran preacher who narrated the oral history of Ahmadiyyat’s preaching to me.


There are new challenges and competition coming from Chris­tian and Islamic preaching groups as at now. We shall overcome by Allah’s grace.


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