A blot on the conscience of the Muslim ummah of Ghana

It is with a heart that I write this open letter to the Muslim Ummah of Ghana.

Over the past few weeks a video clip of a prominent Muslim business magnate has been doing the rounds on social media. The scenarios painted so far are not palatable. One will not pretend to have all the facts surrounding the clip.

However from the point where my colleagues and I have been associated, this is a sad situation. We can’t cry more than the core family at the centre of this unfor­tunate expose. Suffice it say that in the practice of the Islamic faith we are supposed to be concerned with what happens to our neighbours and by extension followers of the same faith which makes us a brotherhood in a positive sense.

I shudder to think that this burden of showing concern for a brother in the situa­tion depicted through social media should be carried by the Ummah only. We are Ghana­ians firstly before our religious persuasions. The men of God and those who occupy the upper echelon of the Ghanaian society have one way or the other interacted with this statesman.

How come that nobody is speak­ing publicly on his behalf? The family consumed by the tragedy that is unfolding and cannot help themselves in the current situation. It is our duty to intervene to ensure a peaceful resolution rather than resorting to adversarial Judicial processes. At least an Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanism can be employed.

The sun is going down on the colourful life of this magnate who has impacted positively on the Ghanaian and Muslim Ummah. His legacy needs to be protected and preserved whilst he is breathing and alive here what is unfolding is rather unfortunate. Who is listening?

[The writer is a former Chief Imam of the Ghana Armed forces and Ambassador to Egypt]


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