80-year-old mother does 16 push-ups

An “80-years-old” mother has managed to do not one, but 16 push-ups in at a go.

In a video posted on Twitter on Mother’s Day today, India’s first supermodel and fitness icon Milind Soman was seen doing push-ups alongside his saree-clad mother Usha Soman at a beach.

“Age is just a number, and we can clearly see Ms Soman proving just that,” Mr Soman wrote on Twitter.

After the push-ups, the 53-year-old Pinkathon ambassador says: “This message is for all the mothers out there. Take a little bit of time out for yourselves everyday even if it is five or 10 minutes, whatever you can manage. We want to see all of you super fit. Happy Mother’s Day.”

He then ended the video by kissing his mother on the cheek.The video, as expected, had gone viral on the social media.

This is not the first time that the marathoner’s mother has set an example. In her late 70s, she ran a marathon barefoot in a sari in Maharashtra in 2016 and did planks too.

She has earlier participated in several 100 km walks. Born in Scotland and raised in India, Milind Soman is a supermodel who holds a diploma in electrical engineering and has gone on to acquire spectacular achievements in the world of fitness. –ndtv.com

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