80 students graduate from Global Executive Institute

The Global Executive Institute has held its sixth graduation ceremony under the theme; “Making a difference in leadership for your country and humanity”.

In all about 80 international students from 15 African countries graduated in Computer Science, Banking and Finance, Marketing Management, Business Administration and Oil and Gas Management among others.

They were awarded with Certificates in Diploma, Bachelor and Master’s Degree.

Mr Paul Asare Ansah, former Director General of the Ghana Ports and Harbour Authority (GHAPOHA) speaking as guest of honour asked the graduands to use the knowledge they had acquired to contribute meaningfully in building their communities and countries.

“As you step out of this graduation ceremony, remember at all times that Africa is struggling with poverty, deprivation and under development in the abundance of natural resources,” he said.

Mr Ansah said the continent needed men and women in leadership with servant mentality with a strong sense of humility, honesty, professionalism, patriotism and the fear of God.

“Regrettably, our own society frowns on people in high positions of trust who do not become rich after their stewardship,” he said.

He said because of that mentality many people in leadership positions focused their energies on pursuing wealth by any means possible instead of striving to make leadership and democracy more meaningful in the lives of ordinary people.

Mr Ansah asked the graduands not to compromise their sense of professionalism either to please higher authority or for personal economic gain, adding that Africa needed men and women in leadership who could stand for the continent.

“Do not betray your country to become rich, however be guided by a strong sense of national pride driven by love, devotion and attachment to your country,” he said.

He asked them to be led by a strong sense of ultimate accountability to God in all their actions and decisions saying “building a public service career on the fear of God, honesty, professionalism and patriotism may win you more enemies than friends, but care more about the number of actions you do right rather than the number of enemies your right may attract.”

Mr Ansah asked them to remember at all times that their task was not only to make a decent living but to stand up and make a difference for their country and humanity.

As part of the graduation ceremony, eminent citizens were awarded for their contributions to society.

Mr Ansah was awarded with the Ultimate Excellence Award and Community Impact Personality Award by the Institute in the Special Honours for Executive Excellence Category.


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