8 silos, machinery wasting away at Dormabin

pEight giant silos with well equipped machinery assembled in 1992 for processing and storage of grains at Dormabin in the Karachi East Municipality of the Oti Region has been abandoned.

The facility, now a white-elephant has most parts stolen.

Dormabin and the surrounding communities is the food basket of the municipality and well known for the cultivation of grains, especially maize, in large quantities and the installation of the silos was to process, purchase and store farm produce.

It further aimed at encouraging farmers cultivate more produce.

Cornelius Ampeh, assembly member for Dormabin, lamented that the excitement that greeted the installation of the silos had fizzled out and wondered why such an important facility could be neglected as successive governments had turned a blind eye.

He therefore appealed to the current government to rehabilitate it for use.

Mensah Dodle, an employee at the facility, said the silos were abandoned soon after completion and trial of the equipment adding that not a single grain was processed since then.

Boanya Richard, 2018 Best Municipal youth farmer and resident of Dormabin, appealed to government to restore the silos.

This, he noted would encourage more youth in the area to go into farming to further give meaning to the government’s policy of “Farming for Food and jobs.”


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