60 per cent increase in CHAN prize money

The Confédération Afr­icaine de Football (CAF) has announced a signifi­cant 60 per cent increase on the prize money for the winner of ongoing TotalEnergies African Nations Championship (CHAN) Algeria 2022.

The final will be played on February 4, 2023 at Nelson Mande­la Stadium.

The winner of this year’s trophy will receive $2million compared to the US$1,250,000 received by the previous champion two years ago.

The total prize money allocat­ed for the tournament has been increased to US$ 7,900,000 from

 the US$ 5,450,000 that was paid to all the countries that participated in the previous edition of the tourna­ment two years ago.

The runners-up will get US$800,000 while the third and fourth-placed teams will receive $500,000 each.

The four sides that fail to prog­ress beyond the quarter-finalists will get $400,000 each while the two countries that finish second in the groups of three teams will earn $300,000 each, the same amount as countries that finish third in groups of four teams.

The bottom placed teams in all the groups will earn $200,000 each. – Cafonline

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