50 tidal wave victims relocate to Dzetagba

Fifty out of more than 700 people displaced by tidal waves affecting their communities in the Ketu South Municipality prior to the Easter celebrations have relocated to Dzetagba (salt lagoon) and are engaging in fishing and salt mining.  

However, majority of the displaced persons are still perching with their relatives.  

The disaster victims have rejected offers for relief items such as buckets and tents from the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO), saying such paltry offers would not solve the problem.   

They insist that they need a sea defence wall as a permanent solution to the problem.  

It is not yet clear when the floods that resulted from the tidal waves will recede.  

 As at the weekend, the floods were just 15 metres away from the main Denu-Keta road.  

The Municipal Director of National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO), Mr Paul Alossode, has warned that if the floods finally cut through the road, there would be more havoc in the area.  

The waves submerged some 100 houses at Agavedzi, Sarakope, Adina, Blekusu and Amutinu, late last month.  

Tidal waves have constantly ravaged the communities for the past four years. 

In 2019, a similar raid on the communities by the sea destroyed 55 homes and carried away coffins from the local cemeteries.   

Soon after that, NADMO responded to the disaster by erecting a mass tent for the displaced persons, but the people dismantled it and insisted on a plan to seek a permanent solution to the problem.   

After the recent sea invasion, angry residents of the affected communities took part in a demonstration to demand an immediate action from the government to protect the communities against the unending ravages of the sea. 

For now, life is virtually stagnant in the affected areas.  


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