36 % of population fully vaccinated against COVID-19 …out of 22.9m targetted

A total of 19 million COVID-19 vaccine doses have been administered across the country as of last Wednesday, the Ghana Health Service (GHS) has said.

It involves10,427,634doses of AstraZeneca vaccines, 18,368 doses of Sputnik-V and 1,065,357 doses of the Moderna vaccines.

The rest are 4,693,739 doses of Pfizer-BioNTech and 2,849,961 doses of the COVID-19 Janssen vaccines.

The service said8,251,886 persons had so far been fully vaccinated out of the 22.9 million people targeted, making up a percentage of 36.

The number of persons receiving “at least” one dose is 11,371,615 representing 49.8 per cent.

A total of 1,780,905 people have also been said to have received the first booster dose.

Ghana experienced a surge in infections and fatalities in January 2021, entering a second wave of rising infections of COVID-19. The number of daily active cases in February 2021 was as high as the peak of the first wave in June 2020.

Furthermore, Ghana was also confirmed to have recorded the COVID-19 variant, which first appeared in South Africa.

Hence, the government rolled out the vaccination exercise to help save lives in the country in March, 2021.

This has, however, received low patronage by Ghanaians partly due to the belief in herbal medicine, inadequate information about COVID-19 and people being oblivious of the vaccination benefits.

For this reason, the Service has called on all and sundry to get vaccinated along with ensuring a strict observance of the safety precautions to help control the pandemic and slow the development of new variants.

The GHS has also urged the general populace to be more cautious particularly with the outbreak of the Marburg virus disease, influenza and monkey pox in the country.

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