3,000 pupils schooled on integrity

More than 3,000 pupils have been schooled on integrity aimed at inculcating the values of good citizenship in children.

It is under the ‘I-SHAME Corruption in Ghana Project’ which stands for Interfaith Shaping Hearts, Attitudes and Mindset to End (I-SHAME) corruption in Ghana.

Speaking to journalists in Accra on Wednesday, Mr Samuel Zan Akologo, Project Manager of I-SHAME, said the project was carried out in six regions where integrity clubs were formed in schools to teach children the need to shun corruption and inculcate in them good morals and value to help develop the country.

Mr Akologo added that there was the need to inculcate in children the habit of being good citizens at a tender age.

“The children are the future leaders, therefore the need to catch them young and teach them the values of being honest and having the interest of the country at heart,” he said.

He said during an interactive session with the pupils that corruption was hurting children disproportionately which I-SHAME was much aware of.

“In all the sessions, the children spoke eloquently and passionately about how they are being denied their basic entitlements for learning like decent classrooms, adequate furniture, textbooks, required contact hours for teaching and learning and regular daily rations of food under the Ghana School Feeding Programme,” he said.

Mr Akologo said corruption was hurting children disproportionately in the country and called on stakeholders to join forces in fighting the menace.

Hajia Ayishetu Abdul-Kadiri, chairperson of FAITH Platform said the project would help expose children with regards to underpinning of corruptions such as its meaning, causes and effects.

This, she said would enable them to fight corruption and uphold integrity as priceless value to cherish.

“Corruption is being fought against from all angles of society therefore it is appropriate to tackle it at a tender age by focusing on our kids to shape their mindset and attitude,” she said.

BY Agnes Opoku Sarpong                  

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