3 Secrets to Unlock the Potential Within You, per Moritz Herbert

Life is full of lessons that we take from every experience in life. Most successful people have endured long journeys to reach where they are, and these journeys are never as smooth as you’d like them to be. According to Moritz Herbert, you need a positive and determined mindset to achieve your goals. Embrace your share of lessons dressed in challenges, connections, and even dead ends. 

Moritz Herbert is a crypto enthusiast and successful YouTuber known for his channel CryptoMo. His journey to success began with a love for video games, which saw him spend time on YouTube and later create a channel for video games. This channel has now become a hub for information on crypto trading. Through CryptoMo and by mining cryptocurrencies, Moritz continues to pursue his passion. 

Moritz hopes to help others unlock the secrets to achieve success and not give up on their journeys. Here are three lessons he wishes everyone learns early in their journey. 

  • Risk is necessary 

Moritz states that fear is an obstacle that keeps you from exploring your capabilities. Fear will only hold you back from achieving your goals. It is essential to take risks because they could open up the next significant chapter of your life. Moritz says he ventured into cryptocurrency with a rudimentary knowledge of the industry but managed to become a successful trader who netted over 1.3 million euros by the time he was 17 years old. 

  • Follow your passion relentlessly 

Purpose gives you direction in life, and without one, you will just be roaming aimlessly. Once Moritz had locked in on crypto, he decided to follow it relentlessly. He urges people to find and follow their purpose without looking back so that they keep thinking straight and have a point of focus. 

  • Failure is not fatal 

Moritz Herbert believes in failing forward. Crypto is a complex world that experiences highs and lows. Moritz recollects that when he first made his fortune, he didn’t exactly know what to do with it; he also didn’t know much about crypto at such a young age. He ended up making some decisions that took him off his success path, but he realized this soon and picked himself back up. Moritz says there is a lot you can learn from failing; just don’t let it keep you down. 

Always remember that the secret to unlock your capabilities is the willingness to learn from everything around you. 

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