3 Schools of Hygiene get $110,246 lab equipment

The Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources yesterday presented the first batch of laboratory equipment worth $ 110, 246.80 to three Schools of Hygiene in the country.

The equipment are to improve teaching and learning in the schools located in  Accra, Ho and Tamale in the Greater Accra, Volta and Northern regions respectively.

Each school will receive inoculation chamber, Stuart scientific hot plate, HeidolphHei-connect magnetic stirrer, culture plate, magnetic filters, forceps, analytical balance, desiccator, bunsen burner and weighing scale.

They would also have adjustable volume calibrated micropipette, glass pipette and bulbs, benchtop conductivity, spatula, stirring rod and conical flask.

The rest of the equipment are wash bottles, glass funnel, volumetric flask, test tube holders, test tubes, measuring cylinders, weighing scale  and screw cap and plastic container.

Presenting the items in Accra, the Minister of Sanitation and Water Resources (MSWR), Ms Cecilia AbenaDapaah, said students of the schools of hygiene were important components of the society, as their work in the various communities involved ensuring proper hygiene and sanitation.

 She said “if you do not go to the assemblies to ensure there is hygiene, good sanitation practices, there will be chaos within the society.”

According to Ms Dapaah, strengthening of institutions did not only involve learning, but also the provision of practical items and imbibing what was being taught in order to equip the students to the maximum.

She said  the equipment were also aimed at making sure thatthe students would be well-equipped, knowledgeable and ready to serve the community.

She urged the heads of the three schools to take good care of the items and maintain them well, adding that “it is not every time that we will have a project like this to serve us.”

 Ms Dapaah mentioned that the ministry was considering getting vehicles for the schools for field work and also enable them to collaborate with other like institutions.

 The Principal ofAccra School of Hygiene,MrSmile KobinaAmetsi,said since the schools of hygiene were moved to the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources, students had benefitted from the trainee allowances.

He said 1,170 graduates from the three schools of hygiene had received employment after graduation, adding that the schools had been able to meet the demands of the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC).

MrAmetsi also mentioned that the ministry was constructing a three-storey nine-unit classroom blocks for Accra School of Hygiene with other projects on Ho and Tamale campuses.


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