2nd edition of Araba Africa ladies trip comes off in December

The second session of Araba Africa ladies’ camp will come off this December in Takoradi, during the Christmas festivities. The ladies’ camp is an initiative which seeks to give young ladies an opportunity to reflect on their career- their achievements and set new goals for the coming year.

In line with thrilling scenarios, the camp offers an opportunity for ladies to go on a trip to explore the country and have fun, where this year’s trip would give ladies the chance to join the ever-popular masquerade in Takoradi.

The ladies’ camp involves twelve to fifteen ladies who travel to a destination, mix passion and pleasure, as well as spend their time developing strategies that will lead to a fulfilling career and life. This trip is often a three-day trip full of exercise, goal setting and fun.

“It has been amazing, and we are grateful. I thought it was just a vacation, but it has a lot of learning, introspection and spirituality. It is a holistic experience, a memorable one. I hope a lot more people will come on board and many women will get the guidance and direction they need,” Stella, a participant of the last ladies’ trip recounted her experience.

The new season is the second to be organized after it was debuted in April this year at the Afrikiko waterfront resort in Akosombo.

“This experience is better than I was expecting. I want to say thank you I can’t wait to apply what I have learnt to improve my life, Hooriyyah Di Ze, one of the participants in the ladies trip in April.

Registration for this year’s trip will be opening in August with the early bird offer ending on November 14th, 2021.

Under the auspices of Araba Africa Coaching, this teaches the African women how to make big (and small) steps to find your passion and turn it into your career, to live a more fulfilling life.

Every woman has the potential to do great things, change the world and make an impact, but often being a woman means joggling many roles, responsibilities and making several compromises, leaving limited time to pursue set goals and aspirations.
We believe that when women are more fulfilled in their lives, the community is better for it. Araba Africa Coaching empowers women with the tools to re-evaluate, rebuild and realign themselves to their purpose and happiness.
Araba Africa is the ideal guide for African women seeking the support, tools and guidance to make purpose-driven career and life pivots.

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