28 police officers dismissed over professional misconduct

Twenty-eight police personnel, including two females, have been dismissed by the police administration for various unacceptable behaviours between January and August this year.

This was after they were found guilty of 181 cases of professional misconduct.

The cases include absent from duty without permission, engaging in part time gainful business outside the Service without permission, insubordination, drunk on duty and failure to make entry in official document, negligently permitting a prisoner to escape from lawful custody and misuse of firearms.

The personnel were of the ranks of constables, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Superintendent, Chief Superintendent, and Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), among others.

Similarly, a total of 291 cases of misconduct were made against police personnel last year, and after investigations, 191 out of the 291 cases were proven or established.

Consequently, 52 personnel, including six females, were dismissed whiles others had their ranks reduced and reprimanded.

The Director of the Police Public Affairs Directorate, Superindent of Police (Supt.) Sheila Abayie-Buckman told the Ghanaian Times in an interview in Accra yesterday, stating that, out the 181 cases 151 were found as partly true during hearing.

She said, apart from the 28 dismissed, others were also reduced in ranks after investigations into their cases.

Supt Abayie-Buckman said some police personnel, including 43 from headquarters formation, were also commended for exemplary conduct in the Service between January to August this year.

She said the disciplinary measures were taken to maintain a positive, productive and professional Ghana Police Service, while correcting adverse behaviour to motivate exhibition of high professional conduct among officers. 

Supt Abayie-Buckman said some investigations were initiated as a result of complaints from members of the public and by the police administration through its internal monitoring mechanism.

She said, “after investigations, the erring police officer is taken through a strict hearing procedure, which takes into consideration all principles of natural justice.

“The standard of proof is preponderance of probabilities, and the respective level of sanction is applied in each case. Criminal acts and omissions are handled the way all criminal cases are handled, with the view of progressing to prosecute, if a prima facie case is established.”

Supt Abayie-Buckman stated that as part of efforts to address the situation the police administration has embarked on vigorous sensitisation training to educate the personnel.

“We also organise daily briefings and debriefing to remind personnel on the need to be professional in the discharge of their duties,” she added.

She urged the personnel to be professional whiles discharging their duties, stating that the Police Service would not shield any policeman or officer who engaged in any act which intends to tarnish the image of the Service.

The PRO said the public should also highlight on the professional conduct of personnel to help others to emulate, adding that stories about the police should not always be negative

She also called on the public to report any misconduct of police personnel to the Service for prompt action.


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