2022 TeZa  celebrated by Asoglichiefs, people in Ho

The 2022 TeZa (Yam Festival) celebration by the chiefs and people of Asogli State has been climaxed with a grand durbar at the Jubilee Park, Ho, on Saturday.

The festival under the theme: “Let’s eschew greed, unite for peace, development and prosperity” started on August 6, 2022 and ended with a durbar to highlight unity, stocktaking and development.

It also serves as a platform for the annual reunion with ancestors and the affirmation of allegiance by all chiefs and their subjects in the Asogli State Agbogbome Stool.

Delivering the festival address, TogbeAfede XIV, Agbogbomefia of the Asogli State noted that the above theme was chosen to inspire the youth and people for the collective assault of greed and corruption.

According to him, the country’s economic problems started before the COVID-19 and the Ukraine war, since we are lucky to be endowed with resources but yet we contribute so little to the world’s output, remained poor and the worst part of it is that we have become highly indebted.

“More worrying is that all the loans taken have not reflected on our development projects, we still lack a lot of basic facilities like poor roads and others.

“We still do not have enough hospitals and schools and our children still go to school under trees.

“We are still suffering in the midst of all the joblessness, escalating prices of oil commodities and also declining value of the local currency worsening our plights,” he stated.

TogbeAfede XIV explained further that the framers of our national constitution also recognised that country needed development and therefore charged its leaders to bring the basic needs for all and sundry without discrimination and also open opportunities for all.

“However this is not happening and as a country we do not accept the truth anymore,” he explained.

He said the countries that have done well are those that uphold the truth and urged all to acknowledge the truth.

“We have done too much politics, everything is sent into political lenses in our country which is drawing our development back,” he said

Former President John Mahama, who was at the durbar as a special guest, commended the chiefs and people of Asogli State with TogbeAfede rebranding the festival to a level that is bringing development to his people.

He said he was personally committed to the development of the Volta Region and tapping the potentials in the areas of tourism and agriculture.

“We should all aim at making the Volta Region one of the most visited regions in Ghana and make it economically beneficial for the people the people who reside here.

He said others continue to criticise the construction of an Airport in Ho, but he is unwavering in the vision that underpins that infrastructure.

“With private partnership and the required investment in the sector we can create,develop, promote and manage a very serene memorable pricing here in various activities,” said

The India High Commissioner SugandhRajaram in his remarks noted that he was so impressed about the level of participation and the cultural display by the people.

He assured that the bound of friendship between India and Asogli State will continue to grow towards the mutual benefit of all.

TogbeAdzieLakleHowusu XII, Warlord of Asogli State in his welcome address charged the people to take interest in the history of such festival so as to guide them into the future.


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