2022 budget insensitive to Ghanaian plight – CPP

The Convention People’s Party (CPP) has stated that the 2022 Budget Statement and Financial Policy of the government did not address the plight of the citizenry rather exposed the insensitivity of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government.

“We are saddened by the insensitivity of the current NPP government to the socioeconomic plight of the ordinary Ghanaian who is struggling to make ends meet and the attitude of insensitivity and aloofness exhibited is clearly postured in the contents and outcomes of the 2022 financial statement,” it lamented.

According to the party,the government had disregarded the plight of the poor and suffering masses throughout its tenure which was unthinkable a 15 per cent tax increment would be put on all government goods and services.

Reacting to the budget in a statement issued by the CPP on November 22 it said through all the changing scenes of hardships and imposition of nuisance and killer taxes which had been handed over to Ghanaians throughout the tenure of the government, it was unthinkable a 15 per cent increase would be put on all government goods and services.

“As it stands any Ghanaian having any transaction with the government is to pay an additional 15 per cent on all existing charges administered by the metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies need to pay an extra charge of 15 per cent on the existing fee.

“Henceforth acquisition of national identification cards, fees at public hospitals including mortuary fees, fares on Metro Mass Transit and State Transport Corporation buses, and company registration fees amongst others will all attract an additional charge of 15 per cent as stipulated in the 2022 budget statement, the statement said.

It said such charges were unacceptable and was predetermined act of exploitation and calculated attempt to ensure citizens were improvised whilst few of the ruling class stayed wealthy and enjoyed life to the fullest but the poor Ghanaian choking under burden of nuisance taxes to decimate financial and economic fortunes of already struggling Ghanaians.

The statement said household incomes had dwindled because of ineffective, inefficient and harsh economic and financial policies which had been introduced by the government and wondered how any caring government could impose tax of 1.75 per cent on electronic transactions including bank charges and mobile money transactions and others. -3news.com

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