2020 Independent presidential candidate outdoors blueprint

Independent presidential candidate for the 2020 polls, Samuel Ofori Ampofo, has outdoored his blueprint for the 2020 elections. 

If voted into power, Mr Ampofo said he would revolutionarise his government to move Ghana away from the shackles of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC).  

Launching the document he termed “a gift for the people of Ghana” in Accra, Mr Ampofo said Ghana needed a new breed of leadership. 

The document outlines Mr Ampofo’s vision in the areas of education, health, science and technology, fighting corruption, restructuring of tax and salary regimes, housing, agriculture and food security and the judiciary amongst other sectors. 

“As president, I will set the path to revolutionarise the Ghanaian economy from our own backyard within the first year of my four-year term in office, I will hand over governance with a reformed 1992 Constitution and a visionary administrative system insulated with strong institutions that will stand the test of time. 

“Human survival needs like food, water, housing, medical services, transportation, communication and meaningful employment have eluded Ghanaians under the watch of the NDC and NPP since 1993 when the country returned to democratic rule. 

“My government will lay emphasis on reforming agenda that will put the nation on the road to economic recovery, Ghana must reform to be able to establish economic independence and create meaningful jobs that generations shall be proud to inherit, the present system where the ruling class has free access to fuel will be over under his presidency.

“It is my determination to reduce taxes in Ghana especially on import commodities that cannot be produced in the country, excessive taxations normally lead to tax evasions and worldwide known to be very unproductive, it is my determination to restructure salary levels in Ghana with absolute reference to the national income.

“Borrowing to subsidise budgetary allocations will be no more, we will live within our means and for once, balance the national budget, for Ghanaians to be able to attain their dream of owning a house, my government will initiate the establishment of regional mortgage finance banks and all accruals channeled through the banks. 


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