2 NGOs salute Nana Aba Appiah Amfo as UG first female VC

ABANTU for Development, a woman’s rights policy advocacy organisation and the Women Manifesto Coalition (WMC) of Ghana have commended Professor Nana Aba Appiah Amfo on her confirmation as the first woman vice-Chancellor of the University of Ghana, Legon.

The two women organisations noted in a statement issued in Accra on Tuesday that the honour which was well-deserved was also an achievement for Ghanaians who believed that the marginalisation of women was detrimental to the development of the country.

“This is indeed a well-deserved success and an honour done her for her achievements and accomplishments in academia, thank you for setting such a wonderful and historic example at the University of Ghana,”the statements said.

“It is also by extension, a triumph for many other Ghanaian women and men especially, those who believed that gender inclusion and women’s heightened visibility are critical in national development,” they added.

“We hope she will provide a powerful voice in the area of education and in support of considerations of diversity and inclusiveness,” the statements stated.

“We continue to wait with great optimism that institutions of higher learning and other national institutions will recognise the added value that women bring in securing comprehensive improved conditions for the country,” they added.

Meanwhile, the organisationshave called for more women participation in administrative roles to enrich the governance of academic institutions in the country.

“We recognise that there has been some increase in the number of women ascending to leadership positions in various universities in the country,” it said.

“We believe that the process should continue to ensure that the involvement of a critical mass of women academics in decision-making leads to a qualitative difference in the way the country’s institutions of higher learning are governed in terms of inclusiveness and equitable management,” they added.  

These two women organisations have therefore asked that the challenges women in academics faced be addressed to ensure “women’s progression to leadership positions in universities just as in other public institutions.”

ABANTU and the WMC work to support endeavours that enhance the promotion of gender sensitivity in leadership to address issues of inequalities as a matter of right and entitlement.

Prior to her confirmation, Prof. Amfo served as acting Vice Chancellor of the University, from August 2021. Before then, she was the Pro Vice-Chancellor, in charge of academics and student affairs.


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