Zeepay targets 150 m mobile money subscribers

Zeepay, a leading African financial technology (fintech) company, is seeking to reach more than 150 million mobile money wallets in 20 African countries as it partners global remittance giants to transfer monies directly to these mobile money wallets.

Andrew Takyi-Appiah, Managing Director of Zeepay, speaking at the launch of Ria2Mobile in partnership with Ria Money Transfer and GT Bank in Accra, said the hope of Zeepay was to become a household name when it comes to remittance directly to mobile money wallets, not just in Ghana, but across the continent.

The innovative Ria2Mobile service, which enables Ria customers worldwide to send money directly into beneficiaries’ mobile money wallets across operators in Ghana, is part of a bold initiative launched by GTBank and Ria in 2017 that enables customers to receive remittances straight into their GTBank accounts.

 Mr Takyi-Appiah said “we are grateful to GTBank and RIA for such a wonderful opportunity to do more through this initiative. Such opportunities are what have made it possible for Zeepay to reach over 150 million mobile money subscribers across 20 countries in Africa and become a household name in remittance termination on the continent.”

Already, the company, has since its inception, touched the lives of over 750,000 Ghanaians and looking to markets such as Uganda, Cameroon, Guinea, Mozambique, Rwanda, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and Nigeria among others.

“At Zeepay, our objective is to improve financial access for the unbanked and banked in an effort to contribute to financial inclusion. To this regard, as a fintech in the mobile financial services sector, we make it possible for remittance companies to expand their distribution through digital technology to reach critical mass in seven seconds. While in the process encouraging receivers to get mobile money wallets for easy access to their remittances,” he added.

The novel thing about the partnership, he opined, was that the average Ghanaian could receive their remittance into their wallet and could now walk less than a mile to redeem their funds as and when needed.

 “Considering that remittance receivers were only exposed to a single cash collection channel that was opened eight hours a day miles away for the rural community, this is a real game changer,” he added.

GTBank’s General Manager and Divisional Head for General Internal Services, Iris Richter-Addo said “Ria2Mobile is a game-changing solution that offers beneficiaries the convenience and security of receiving remitted funds directly into their mobile money wallets anywhere in Ghana.”

“The service is a major boost to Ghana’s financial inclusion agenda and supports the collective drive to promote a cash-lite economy. GTBank is delighted to partner Ria and Zeepay to champion this service in line with our bold digital banking agenda to make world class banking services available to every Ghanaian.”

Director of Operations for Africa at Ria, Robert Kotei in his comments said Ria customers across the world can now send money directly into about 13 million mobile money wallets in Ghana. This partnership offers Ria the opportunity to bring another quick and convenient way for our customers to receive funds, in line with our commitment to providing a superior Omni channel experience to our cherished beneficiaries in Ghana.”


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