Work on $475m Takoradi Port multi-purpose terminal begins

Ghana’s quest to become a trans-shipment hub in West Africa has received a major boost as construction works on the development of the multi-purpose Atlantic Terminal Services on-dock facility at the Takoradi Port has commenced.

This followed the laying of the first block to signify the commencement of the first phase of the project held at the Tarkoradi Port on Friday.

The first phase will involve the construction of a 600-metre quay wall with pavement alongside it, coupled with dredging besides it from 14 metres to 16 metres deep.

The 475 million dollars project is a joint venture between Ibistek, an indigenous company and the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GHPA) under a concession agreement signed between the two in 2017.

Royal Haskoning DHV is providing the technical advice and support in relation to all aspects of the project which includes the management of all procurement processes for the EPC contract, supporting all the necessary environmental assessment and plans for the project.

Speaking in an interview with the media after the first block laying ceremony Mr Kwame Gyan, Chairman, Ibistek described the commencement of the project as historic as it was the first time in the nation’s history that a local company was undertaking a project of this magnitude.

He said it was an indication that local companies were building their capacity to play a major role in the country’s development.

“This is the first time the locals are building and operating a deep sea port and we think that the capacity we have developed from project inception through execution shows our capability. Down the road we will end up in the West African sub region,” he said.

Mr Gyan said: “We are happy we have all joined hands to witness the casting of the first block for this milestone project. This means a lot for this port of Takoradi, the Western Region and the Republic of Ghana, container numbers will be boosted, employment will be boosted, and revenue will be boosted. The will be cash in the pocket of those who live in this corridor, transit trade will be boosted and Ghana’s economy will b e boosted so we are extremely privileged to be part of this,” he said.

He said phase one of the project which would cost 200 million dollars was expected to be completed in two years.

He said AFC of Nigeria was providing the debt component of the finance and Ibistek was providing the equity.

 “This port will be ready with all the facilities of a first class and then we continue from phase two to extend the key length from 600 miters to 1,495 metres so we are in it for the long haul. We know that by the grace of God we will get there,” he said.

Capt Ebenezer Kojo Afadzi, Director, Takoradi Port said: “With the coming in of this container multipurpose terminal, with the depth of 16 metres we hope that we  will be able to get to about 200,000 the first year and hope I will be able to compete with other ports in West Africa.”

He said he was happy that a local company was undertaking the project which would transform the Takoradi Port.

“We have given the Ghanaian the chance, let’s all support them to deliver, this is what port of Takoradi will do, we will support them to deliver,” he said.

Ivar Schols, Project Supervisor, Haskoning DHV said the project would be completed on schedule.


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