When the rules suit my music, I will enter nominations for Award- Wiyaala

Ghanaian Afro pop singer, Noella Wiyaala has revealed the reason behind her lack of enthusiasm to enter nominations in Awards schemes in the country.


According to her, the industry tilted towards those who did commercial songs to the neglect of some group of musicians.

The songstress made these revelations exclusively to The Spectator, on why she had refused to enter nominations in some local awards and was quick to add that she would only enter nominations when the rules and regulations were modified to suit the kind of songs she composed.

“I just didn’t feel like entering, that is why I did not enter nominations. I will enter when I feel it is time, and the rules and regulations suit the kind of songs I do.”

“Currently, the music industry does not suit musicians like us, we are too serious with our act, and it is too commercial for what we do. There are so many musicians doing what we call music, and we are the reason the industry exist,” she said.

The Rock My Body hit maker, said the Ghanaian music industry did not favour serious act, some musicians like her did but, rather, commercialisation had become the order of the day.

“Let’s be honest, I am not a kid, and I know how the industry is, and for now, I don’t think it favours serious acts that we do. It is just too much of the commercial music. I just feel like it is not time yet, Let them have fun I think at the right time, they will turn their attention to serious acts,” the artiste said.                 

This notwithstanding, Wiyaala noted that she was not against the Vodafone Ghana Music Award(VGMA), adding that she had a lot of respect for the scheme and would not discourage anyone from participating in it.

“I am not against the VGMA, I have won a few awards, I respect them, I will never insult them, and I will not discourage anybody from entering, but for now, I just feel like it is not our calling. Elsewhere they do it for the art, not just for bubble gum songs, you chew it now, the sweetness goes, and that is all,” she said.

Wiyaala is currently directing and editing some of the videos of her new album dubbed, Sisala Goddess which has about 16 songs on it.

By Edem Mensah-Tsotorme

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