Vodafone Healthline saves 5-year-old

Vodafone Healthline has brought smiles on the faces of five-year-old Sarah Botchway and her foster parents, after the multiple award-winning TV programme saved her from an eye tumour.

Recounting Sarah’s condition, her foster mother Dede Hammond said “ the stigma associated with Sarah’s condition was so unbearable for her mother; she abandoned her at an early age. After she left, we took Sarah in as our daughter and have gone to great lengths to get her medical support but we are financially challenged.  We are therefore happy and grateful that Vodafone Healthline came to our rescue.’’

Vodafone Ghana, through its Healthline programme, has supported and transformed the lives of hundreds of Ghanaians who have undergone various surgeries for life-threatening conditions including hydrocephalus, cataract, hernia, fibroids and heart-related problems.

It has also educated and demystified various myths on health related conditions. 


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