The Police must arrest Ahmed Suale’s murderers!

The Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) on Thursday led the family, friends and sympathisers of the murdered investigative journalist of Tiger Eye PI to mark the first anniversary of his demise.

He was brutally murdered a year ago in a horrific manner that shocked the nation. His assailants remain at large and the police have not made any arrest.

This simply means that the security agencies have not made any headway in their investigations.

The commemoration of the anniversary is, therefore, taking place at the time many are still asking questions as to why the perpetrators have not yet been apprehended a year on.

Although this is not the first murder case that remains unsolved, Ahmed Suale’s murder is peculiar because he was killed in line of duty.

That is why one year on, the media fraternity still remembers the barbaric and horrific incident as if it occurred yesterday.

“This barbaric and horrific incident is still fresh in the memory of the media fraternity. We are optimistic that justice will be delivered but we are against any more delays,” stated Mr Affail Monney, the President of GJA.

The Ghanaian Times is aware that journalists are killed all the time around the world in line of duty but it is rare to find journalists being killed in democratic countries where the freedoms and safety of media practitioners are expected to be protected.

It is against this backdrop that the entire country and indeed the world is still in shock that what Ahmed Suale set to do ended his life in such a tragic manner.

Frankly, one would have thought that by now the police would have made headway in their investigations to arrest the perpetrators of such a heinous crime against a journalist who was only doing his work.

It is regrettable that one year on we still do not know those behind the dastardly act and who pulled the trigger to end the life of Mr Suale.

As we mourn the memory of our colleague, we share in the sentiments expressed by the GJA, the family and friends and add our voice to the call on the police to search for the killers and prosecute them.

We similarly support the call for security agencies to make the safety and security of journalists their topmost priority not only this year but all the time.

Ahmed Suale’s death regrettably, as it may be, has clearly shown that no matter who you are, you must take your personal security seriously and protect yourself.

We implore all journalists to think seriously about their personal security and safety while going about their duties so that they do not fall victims to criminals who will shoot and kill them with impunity.

We once again call on the security agencies to redouble their efforts and apprehend the perpetrators in order to serve Ahmed and his family justice.

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