Submissions for 2019 Ghanaian Languages Short Story Prize opens

Submissions for the 2019 Ghanaian Languages Short Story Prize (GLSSP) have been opened with focus on stories written in Ga, Dangbe, Twi, Ewe, Fante and Dagbani.

The award scheme is an initiative of Write Ghana, a literary non-profit organisation, to encourage writing in Ghanaian languages in order to increase their representation and simultaneously contribute to their preservation. 

A statement issued by Ms Nikitta Dede Adjirakor, Founder of the organisation, and copied to the Ghanaian Times, at the weekend, said submissions are to be sent before June 15, 2019.

It said the prize was premised on an evident gap in the support and promotion of literature in Ghanaian languages unlike in East Africa, where there were a host of writing prizes which promoted creative writing.

The statement said , in Ghana, such prizes as well as conducive environments for the creation of local language literatures were  scarce hence there was the need to whip up interest and easier access of literature in all Ghanaian languages.

It said the organisation would continue to promote Ghanaian literature and create opportunities that increase the use and representation of Ghanaian languages and literatures.


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