Solidarity march against GMOs held in Accra

The Communications Directorate of Food Security Ghana (FSG), Edwin Kweku Andoh Baffour, has called on the government to ban Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) from being introduced into the nation’s food chain.

GMO is a term commonly used to describe crops produced through a plant breeding technique that uses a specific type of genetic engineering with a goal to add “desirable traits” to a crop.

According to Mr Baffour, the organics of GMO have harmful effect on humans, animals and farm lands and stressed the need for the citizenry to reject it.

He made the call at the solidarity march against Mosanto, organised by the FSG, a non-governmental organisation, to create awareness on the health risks of GMOs in Accra.

Mr Baffour indicated that individual research conducted in Brazil, Argentina, India and Burkina Faso had proven that GMOs have negative effects and should be seen as a warning sign for policy makers to take action to ensure food safety.

“Burkina Faso recently experienced a five-year disaster in growing genetic modified cotton and has now resorted to conventional strains that are providing higher yields, this debunk the myths peddled by the pro GMO lobbyists  that it is safe and will prevent food scarcity in the next 20 years to come,” he said.

The FSG Communications head said his outfit in 2015 was informed that the country would commercially release genetically modified cowpeas and rice in the market, he therefore underscored the need for the government to rule against any legislation that might risk the health conditions of the people.

In ensuring the public becomes aware of what they consume, he urged the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) to label all food products, adding that “individuals have to be cautious and take matters of their family health seriously to avoid acquiring any ailments associated with GMO foods.”

Mr Baffour observed that the introduction of GMOs into the food value chain would not address the nation’s agricultural problems but would lead it to further destruction.

Speaking on means that could ensure food security in the country, he indicated that the construction of deplorable roads would enable farmers to transport their foods to the market. 

Mr Baffour advised peasant farmers to concentrate on agro ecological farming because the nation has an agricultural wealth which could power the economic engine of the country.


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