Police releases 13 demonstrators

Thirteen people who were arrested by the police for allegedly engaging in illegal demonstration in Accra on Monday have been released by the Accra Regional Police Command.

A press statement issued by the Police Public Affairs Directorate (PAD) and sighted by the Ghanaian Times has said.

The statement stated that at about 8:30a.m on October 7, 2019,a group numbering about 300 believed to be members of a group of students who failed  the entrance examinations to the Ghana Law School besieged the entrance of the law school and sat down in the middle of the road which prevented traffic flow.

According to the police the demonstrators later continued to the Attorney General’s Department where they prevented Deputy Minister of Justice, Godfred Dame from entering the premises.

The statement added that the group later re-assembled close to the new court complex in Accra and picketed there for some time and went ahead to an office close to the Ghana Institute of Journalism where they presented a copy of their petition to the Ghana Bar Association.

The police said they headed towards Jubilee House and on reaching King Tachie Tawiah overpass, the demonstrators sat in the middle of the road and pelted the police stones and offensive weapons.

The press release stated that in the process the police sprayed cold water and fired rubber bullets to disperse the crowd.

The police urged the public to abide by the law, adding that demonstrators must give notice to the police five days which, according to the police, the students did not observed.

“Demonstrators are also encouraged to co-operate with the police on route management and the conduct of demonstration in order not to inconvenience other members of the public. In the absence of these police may be required to restore order by means of reasonable lawful force.” he added.


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