Persons born on specific dates are predisposed to mental illness - Research

Findings from a research conducted by Think about Mentally Challenged Person near You (TAMeCPeNY), a non-profit organisation has shown that specific persons born on specific dates are predisposed to mental illness.

The research gathered a sample size of 1,766 persons born on the 4,13, 22 and 31 of every month in the Upper Denkyira East District to identify these intrinsic qualities.

Out of the total number 1,731, representing 98 per cent naturally posed some inborn traits that caused them to behave like someone who suffered from mental illness while the two per cent behaved otherwise, but all experienced very awkward headaches throughout their lives which medical science could not cure.

It also recorded traits like changes in performance, poor grades despite strong efforts, hyper activity, persistent disobedience or aggression, frequent temper tantrums as some of the traits dominant in young people and inability to cope with problems and daily activities, changes in sleeping, excessive complaints of physical ailments, frequent outburst of anger and intense fear in adults.

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These were made known at the media launch of TaMeCPeNY in Accra on Monday.

Underlining the key findings, the Chief Executive of TaMeCPeNY, Evans Appiah-Kubi said, due to their traits it was unhealthy for them to use anything mind stimulating as it triggered mental illness for them easier than persons in other groups.

“They are allergic to anything narcotic or sedative that alters the proper functioning of the mind,” he said.

He was of the view that when proper education on good mental health practices were given to these specific persons who were prone to mental illness right from their infancy, it would help them stay away from these artificial triggers of mental illness.

Mr Appiah-Kubi said its mandate was to help reduce mental illness cases by 40 per cent by the year 2035.

He encouraged the public to keep their date of birth and that of their children accurate and safe to ensure that persons in the eligible group were able to identify themselves well enough to be productive instead of destructive.

The Managing Director of the organisation, Mr Evans Boateng said as part of efforts to achieve its aim of reducing mental illness, the organisation has outdoored a campaign christened, “Heal the Mind, Heal the Body Project”, targeted at campaigning against the use of narcotic drugs.

He said these nationwide education would be done in senior high schools where youth adolescents begin to show their youthful exuberance and Prisons where inmates need this minding healing exercise to better understand themselves to be able to deal with stress and anxieties associated with being incarcerated.

Mr Boateng asked for support from government through the Health and Education ministries, politicians, chiefs, corporate institutions, philanthropists and other stakeholders in the mental health sector to push the agenda forward.


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