PDS brouhaha: Minority accuses govt of causing financial loss to state

The Minority has accused the government of causing financial loss to the state with the botched Power Distribution Services (PDS) deal since it misled Parliament in the deal.

According to them, the government failed to conduct due diligence on the concession deal with PDS and pointed out that “we can term it as causing financial loss to the state arising out of the reckless, fraudulent and irresponsible act of the government in misleading parliament and misleading the entire country without thorough and diligent scrutiny of the documents submitted to parliament”.

The Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu, made the accusation when the Minority reacting to the fallout from the cancellation of the deal between PDS and the government which was officially terminated Friday October 18, 2019, over irregularities found with the company’s demand guarantee, a statement from the Ministry of Finance stated.

Mr Iddrisu indicated that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) was still deliberating on what action it could take for those responsible must be brought to book saying, We will lose more and we are discussing with the leadership of the party, we are looking at it from the angle of parliament on what we can do, it will amount to financial loss to the state and officials must be held responsible and accountable for it.”.

However, the United States government has disclosed that its withdrawing of $190m support and assistance to Ghana over what it described as the “unwarranted” cancellation of the Electricity Company of Ghana concession agreement with PDS, contained in a statement released by the US Embassy in Ghana, said the contract by the Government of Ghana and PDS was valid and the termination was uncalled for. -pulse.com.gh

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