NTC staff educated on how to prevent spine distortion

pA chiropractic examiner at the Chiropractic and Wellness Centre, Bright Whajah, has called on Ghanaians to get their spines checked.

This, he said, would prevent them from having a distortion in the spine, which would irritate the nerves system resulting in malfunction.

He said this when officials from his outfit educated staff of the New Times Corporation (NTC) on a healthy spine and healthy life on Wednesday.

According to Mr Whajah, the spine was the most important part of the body which protects vital systems in the body called the nervous system.

He said the nervous system was made up of the brain, spinal cord and the spinal nerves adding that “the brain was protected by the scalp and was the last thing to shut down before one dies”.

Mr Whajah noted that every tissue in the body was connected to a specific nerve making it more delicate.

He added that posture was a “window” to the spine hence, advised men to remove their wallets from their pockets before they sit, and women not to cross their legs when they sit.

This he said were activities which would put pressure on the nerves causing pelvic imbalance.

Mr Whajah recommended sitting with the hip, shoulder and ear, all in alignment with the feet flat on the ground as the best way to sit.

In addition, he advised against the intake of pain killers when experiencing body pains, saying, “Pain killers affect the organs in the body”.

In relation to sleeping, Mr Whajah described sleeping on the side and back as the best sleeping posture, and advised on the need to put a pillow in between one’s thighs, and a sizeable pillow behind the side of the neck, and condemned sleeping on the belly.

He added that the best way for easy child delivery was through squatting and not lying down as presently done, which causes birth complications.


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