Nigerian ejects brother with severe beatings

A young Nigerian man in his mid-twenties received the beating of his life, after he apparently refused to vacate a two-bedroom apartment he was occupying with some of his colleagues, at Spintex in Accra.

The victim known only as Obina, was said to have sustained various degrees of injury from the attack on him by his fellow Nigerian brother around 1am last Sunday.

An eyewitness told The Spectator that she woke up to a loud noise from a scuffle between some Nigerian tenants, who occupied the first floor of a two-storey building, near the Baatsona Railway on the Spintex Road.

The source said the Nigerian brothers exchanged heavy punches in a fierce “battle” which lasted for about thirty minutes, adding that the incident drew the attention of other neighbours in the area, who also woke up from their sleep.

According to eyewitness accounts, the Nigerians had  lived together in the same apartment for nearly three months, and that was not the first time such a fight had ensured between them.

The source indicated that only one Nigerian, known as Emeka, came to acquire the two bedroom apartment early this year, and decided, to accommodate the other colleagues, who were his church members in the same room, out of goodwill.

The Spectator gathered that Emeka had not been happy with the conduct of his Nigerian brothers and had tried to caution them on several occasions but to no avail.

According to the source, Obina had returned from town late on Sunday, and had shaken the metal gate several times for Emeka to allow him entry into the room but there was no immediate response from those in the room.

“Emeka, reluctantly, opened the gate. But minutes after his brother had granted him access to the room, he demanded that he packs his belonging that dawn and vacate the room,” the source noted.

That, according to the source, degenerated into a heated argument, with Emeka insisting that his brother vacates the room that dawn.

Emeka later followed up with ruthless beatings until Obina was finally thrown out of the house with his belongings that dawn.

Other tenants believed Emeka suspected Obina of committing a crime in town and feared that police could trace him to the house and implicate him up as an accomplice.

The source said none of the neighbours attempted to go to the rescue of the poor Nigerian being molested by his brother. It was not clear if the matter was reported to the police.

By Ernest Nutsugah       

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