NDC parliamentary primaries, commendable

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has scored high democratic points when the party last Saturday successfully held primaries in about 157 constituencies across the country, which was a contest for the first batch of aspirants.

We understand primaries would be organised for other contestants soon after some pressing issues are ironed out, to pave way for elections in outstanding constituencies.

Ghanaian Times commends the contenders for the peaceful way they conducted their campaigns, and the delegates for casting votes orderly, not to forget the yeoman job of the Electoral Commission in ensuring that ballot papers and other electoral materials were available, and supervising smooth polls.

Although alleged cases of vote-buying had reared its ugly head, we still believe that the contest was generally free and fair, and other outstanding issues or grievances can better be handled through laid down procedures of the party.

No doubt, Ghana’s democracy has come of age, and we urge political parties to work harder to entrench democratic culture in the citizenry for sustainable development.

The cooperation between officials of the NDC and the security agencies, especially the Ghana Police Service, in ensuring a peaceful atmosphere at the polling stations, must be given thumbs up.

Indeed, political intimidation and harassment, resulting in violence and destruction of ballot papers and other electoral materials at polling stations have no place in democracy, which is based on the contest of ideas.

As usual, in the just ended NDC contest, some candidates would be left bruised following the defeat but certainly this is not the end of their political careers. They still have key roles to play in party organisation and unity.

We applaud the victorious candidates, and hasten to add that, the work has just started.

To the losing contenders, we urge them to accept the results in good faith and demonstrate political maturity by stretching a hand of cooperation to the winners towards the good of the party.

In any case, there should not be any losers in primaries because whoever emerges as the parliamentary candidate would be seeking to articulate the philosophy and beliefs of party in the legislature.

It is, therefore, incumbent on all the contenders to build bridges of cooperation with the ranks and files of the party, for the real battle in the December 2020 General Election in their quest to gain power.

The success of the primaries must encourage party officials to work harder to resolve outstanding issues to pave the way for primaries for the remaining contestants.

We have observed that some polling stations have been littered with empty water sachet and “take- away packs”, some at school compounds.

It is our humble opinion that this does not auger well, especially when pupils and students are being sensitised on environmental cleanliness.

We must maintain our resolve to protect our environment.

The need for environmental cleanliness and promotion of health cuts across all manifestos of political parties in the country and this must be demonstrated with good deeds!

The NDC primaries have been exciting for our political development. Registered, but dormant political parties should rise up and help in sustaining political pluralism, by also effectively engaging in activities to provide viable choices for the electorate.

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