Marking Special Days

Anniversaries and some special days are important part of our lives because they remind us of some event that we cherish or otherwise.

Regardless of the memories such days bring, whether it is a birthday, a wedding or any other event, remember to mark it or acknowledge such days.

Some partners seem to be adamant of the value their partners or spouses place on such days by deliberately ignoring them.

Consistently ignoring such days have succeeded in creating unnecessary tensions in relationships and marriages. Which should not be the case.

Men mostly have incurred the ‘wrath’ of their women due to their inability to remember or acknowledge such days. As much as possible, try not to centre your relationship conflict on this, as there are more important things to focus on.

You should remind him politely and learn to be patient whilst you are waiting for him to acknowledge the day.

There are many stories of women who stalled their partners’ surprise plans for them by sheer anger. Relax and wait. 

Whatever the anniversary, it should be a time to take stock of how far you have come and make amends when necessary.

Anniversaries often elicit mixed emotions. There can be pressure to do something amazing to mark the date of a wedding anniversary, for example.

 But it can be a wonderful way of engaging in something simple such as having a dinner, buying a present should help you reflect on that day.

And it is important, to make time for such day whilst you use that time to plan ahead for the future.

Reaching milestones are inevitable in our lives, as a committed and peaceful relationship or marriage acknowledges such days according to how they matter to your partner or spouse.

By Kwasi Minsieda

The writer is a relationship and marriage counsellor and can be reached through

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