Locally packaged coffee ‘Ziavitutui’ set to hit international market

What began as a humble family business a  year ago, to produce and package pure coffee, known as Ziavitutui for public consumption is not only flourishing rapidly in the country, but and also set to hit the international market with a huge impact.

Already, there are growing demands for Ziavitutui from Canada, USA, China, Nigeria and Benin.

For years, the people of Ziavi in the Ho municipality have produced coffee with great zeal and enthusiasm, but the bountiful harvests on the farms far outstripped demand for the produce on the local market.

However, the innovative entrepreneurial efforts by the Ziavitutui Coffee and Beverage Company Limited, is helping to rekindle to the coffee industry in Ziavi and other parts of the Volta Region.

The exquisite recipe is prepared carefully using historic formula to release its great taste and scintillating aroma.

The coffee beans are hand-picked from the plantations in Ziavi, Ashanti-Kpoeta, Avatime, Nyagbo, Kpedze other areas in the Volta Region.

“We have trained a few women to roast and grind the coffee before it is packaged and sent to the supermarkets in Accra, Kumasi, Tamale and other parts of the country,” said Mr Benjamin Horlali K. Atidjah, Chief Executive Officer of the company.

In an interview with the Ghanaian Times, he said that the company now produced 100 kilogrammes of pure coffee every month.

Mr Atidjah said that as a short term plan, the company was poised to set up Ziavitutui beverage points at many vantage points in the country as possible, and then proceed to establish a viable coffee processing plant in Ziavi.

In the long term, he said the company intended to expand massively and go extensively international to meet the demands from the foreign markets.

“We are also planning to go mobile with the Ziavitutui beverage, using delivery vans,” Mr Atidjah added.

For now, he said that Ziavitutui Coffee and Beverage Company Limited was gaining recognition for its beverage services at funerals, festive and church occasions, weddings and other public gatherings.


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