Let’s give peace a chance

Ghanaians are becoming worried over the frequent impasse between the police and civilians as lawlessness and violence have become rampant in the country, which if not curbed, will lead to chaos.

Last week, March 14, 2019, three journalists of the Ghanaian Times, Salifu Abdul Rahman, a Senior Assistant Editor, Malik Sullemana and Raissa Sambou Ebu, both reporters who were on their way to perform their official duties were brutally assaulted by about 10 police personnel.

Reports say that they engaged one Sergeant Ebenezer Asiedu for jumping red light and then running his unregistered motor bike into the official assignment vehicle of the New Times Corporation (NTC), which led to the breaking of its bumper, mirror and windscreen,

There was huge public outcry over the issue as individuals and organisations sympathised with the journalists and condemned the police personnel for acting unprofessionally.

That same week, the video of a policeman, Constable Julius Mawuli Ekpe, who was assaulted by a ‘trotro’ driver and his mate went viral on social media. Although The Spectator does not condone with the act of the civilians, the swiftness with which the Ghana Police Service (GPS) acted and arrested the two civilians was so amazing. 

Concerns have been raised about how the police were usually able to swiftly handle cases involving their own but did not show much enthusiasm when the case is against them.

We were surprised that the police did not get evidence to swiftly prosecute their own. The question is, if the police, who are tasked with maintaining law and order in the country are brutalising the very people they have to protect, how safe are we?

The Spectator, a sister paper of the Ghanaian Times, cannot be silent on the issue but show solidarity with the assaulted journalists. We condemn the act of the police personnel who attacked the journalists, especially Mrs Ebu, a lactating mother, who resumed work barely a week after her maternity leave when the incident occurred.

We cannot deny the fact that the police have dealt with some issues professionally in the past but the fact is, because of the behaviour of some police men in the service, the public is gradually losing confidence and trust in them.

It is so refreshing to hear that the Inspector General of Police (IGP), David Asante-Appeatu has interdicted three of the police officers who allegedly assaulted the journalists and we hope that further steps would be taken to bring the others to book for their act of indiscipline and lawlessness.

We again appeal to the Police Administration to frequently organise refresher courses for its members to sensitise them to carry out their duties in a professional manner and to live up to their mandate of providing “peace and order” instead of molesting civilians.

Let us give peace a chance and Ghana will be a happy place for all to live in.

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