Ghana, South Africa relations has to flourish for investment, trade ties to grow

No one who followed the visit to Ghana by South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, will fail to notice that there is something wrong with the relationship between the two countries.

Even if officials exchange pleasantries to show that all is well, many Ghanaians are still nursing the wounds inflicted on their compatriots during the xenophobia attack in South Africa this year.

Although that unfortunate incident featured in the conversation during the bilateral talks, many were left wondering about what South Africa had concretely done to prevent future occurrence.

We are aware that in the aftermath of the incident, the South African leader sent a delegation to Ghana and other countries whose citizens were caught up in the attack, to apologise for the actions of the perpetrators of the violence.

That was seen by many as a mark of a good leader who was determined to resolve a very difficult problem.

Since then, very little has been heard publicly as to what concrete steps have been taken to forestall future occurrence.

In our view, Ghana and South Africa relations would flourish based on excellent relationship and good faith. If there are suspicions and mistrust, particularly among the peoples of the two countries, the relationship cannot grow.

Currently, it may appear that relations between the countries at the highest levels are excellent and both continue to take advantage of good investment opportunities in each other’s country.

There are hundreds of South African registered businesses in Ghana and at their bilateral meeting, leaders of the two countries were still inviting more businesses to invest in the two countries.

“I share wholly the vision of possibilities of deeper trade and investment relations and cooperation between Ghana and South Africa.

“It is the most effective way towards building a sustainable future of progress and prosperity for our respective countries and populations and maintaining a healthy relationship between our two nations”.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo was quoted as saying we cannot agree more with the President and fully support the position that a healthy relationship must go in tandem with trade and investments.

The Ghanaian Times cannot see how trade and investment ties can grow without a flourishing relationship.

Indeed, if the two countries would benefit from all aspects of the relationship between the two countries, then the violence acts perpetrated against fellow African in South Africa should be properly dealt with to assure people of both countries that the matter has been put to rest.

Any lingering doubts on our minds would not give us the ordinary people hope that the relationship between the two countries is okay.

Indeed, the relationship between the two countries must flourish before trade and investment would grow.

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