GB Foods Africa Ghana launches ‘Gino Max’

GB Foods Africa Ghana, manufacturer of Gino range of food products, has launched a new seasoning product onto the Ghanaian market as part of the company’s strategy to sustain its lead of the food industry in the country.

Gino Max, which has been developed into three flavours namely, Gino Max shrimp with spice, Gino Max shrimp with pepper and Gino Max shrimp, according to the company was to meet the growing and diverse taste of consumers.

Speaking at the launch in Accra, the Marketing Director Africa of GB Foods, Anshul Midha said the launch of the Gino Max onto the Ghanaian market demonstrated the company’s commitment to the country’s food seasoning market.

“The entering of GB Food Africa Ghana onto the Ghanaian seasoning market is a great milestone for us. Our objective as GB Foods Africa Ghana is to promote local Ghanaian flavours,” he said.

Mr Midha said the product was developed after extensive research to meet the diverse taste of consumers.

The Marketing Director for Africa indicated that the base ingredient for the Gino Max was shrimp because of the strong taste Ghanaian food consumers had for shrimp.

“Ghanaians love their shrimp and every market you enter in the country, you will find shrimps,” he said.

He also explained that the Gino Max had been developed from local spices such as pepper and ginger to meet the peculiar taste of Ghanaians.

Mr Midha explained that to give more value to consumers, Gino Max had been packaged in 12 grams, which was a gram bigger than similar food seasoning on the Ghanaian market.

He said the company had developed an aggressive marketing strategy to sell the products across the country.

In addition, the Marketing Director for Africa encouraged distributors of the company to sell more of the products to bring value to their business and also win mouth-watering prizes.

Mr Midha, for instance, said a distributor who was able to order 5000 cartons within three months stood the chance of winning a new Suzuki Alto saloon car.

Asked if the Gino Max was produced locally, Mr Midha said the product was currently being imported from Spain.

He, however, said plans were afoot to establish a plant in Ghana to produce the Gino Max locally to create employment for the youth and helped build the Ghanaian economy.

Mr Midha said GB Foods Africa Ghana Gino Tomato paste brand was being produced in Ghana.

By Kingsley Asare

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