FGCI celebrates Ghana Day

The members of the Eastern Regional branch of the Full Gospel Church International last Sunday displayed the beautiful and rich Ghanaian culture in church.

Dubbed “Ghana Day– Friendly Service” and organised by the church for the various branches in the region, members dressed and displayed various traditional clothes to the admiration of all.

The Ghana Day was instituted by the Church to coincide with the nation’s Independence Anniversary in March, where all the members of the church wore traditional cloth to church to showcase Ghana and to celebrate the Independence Anniversary.

The church choir sang the reggae form of the patriotic national anthem and the Twi Version “Yen ara yen asase ni.”

The Old Ladies singing group in the church called “Golden Bells” sang patriotic and some old Christian songs for the members to dance their hearts out.

The Pastor in charge of the region, Rev Godwin Dela Fiagome said it was a day set aside to provide church members the opportunity to be identified with their respective cultures and to also generate interest in displaying it.

“Jesus Christ was born into a home where culture played important role in the society and it was culture which exposed Him and His ministry” he said.

Preaching the sermon on the topic “God’s Processes” Rev. Godwin Dela Fiagome advised the youth to endure hardship a little and have patience so as to pass through the processes of God.

According to him, no human could succeed without patience and also God was “not a magician to conjure money or items for the people but He’s a God of process and whoever fails to go through His processes never last.”

 Rev Dela who was worried about the rate at which the youth were dying in the country, said “the youth of today die quick because they want everything quick and fast without counting the cost”.

He said that, many people were killing their neighbours, others selling their souls, to the devil because of money and material gains which had no life.

He said the love of money had brought separations and divisions in marriages, families and especially, among the youth and the Church of God.

According to Rev. Dela, no amount of prayers, anointing oil, or prophesies, would work for a believer if hard work was eliminated from the list. He also urged church leaders to educate the youth on the importance of patience, hard work and endurance as well as the respect for the elderly.

From Samuel Opare Lartey, Koforidua.

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