Family Health Medical Sch to launch endowment fund

The Family Health Medical School (Ghana’s Premier Private Medical School) as part of its social responsibilities will launch an endowment fund to provide financial support for the needy, but brilliant Ghanaian students from both rural and urban areas, who have the desire to be trained as medical doctors.

The fund to be launched on October, 17 shall constitute gifts, grants, donations, and bequests, as may be given by a corporate body, a group of persons, or an individual.

Any person may contribute, or devise money, or other personal or real property to the fund and to ensure its success and contributions towards the fund shall be administered and managed by a Board of Trustees.

In an interview, Professor  Enyonam Yao Kwawukume, President of Family Health Medical School said the purpose of the endowment fund, among others, was to provide scholarships/financial support to needy but brilliant Ghanaian students who have the desire to be trained as medical doctors.

“It is also for continuing students who face financial challenges along the way due to the inability of their main sponsors to support them,” he said.

The fund, he added, would also be used to promote research and to provide equipment and supplies in support of teaching and learning within the faculty, and for any other purpose designated by a donor.

The Registrar of the Family Health Medical School, Mrs Rita Kaine, appealed to individuals, institutions, organisations and the general public to support the fund after it had been launched, so that in the long term, the institution would be able to produce doctors to augment the few in the system.

The Registrar urged the government to join hands with the private medical institutions to help produce more doctors in the country. She said that it costs more to train a doctor abroad than at the Family Health Medical School.

The Registrar however, appealed to government to consider sponsoring students to be trained as doctors in the country’s private medical schools.

The Family Health Medical School, she indicated, can boast of qualified and experienced professors and lecturers who are always keen at imparting their practical knowledge and skills to the students.

The long-term benefits of the endowment fund will ensure the continued support of a diverse group of students from low income background within the country; help to make medical training accessible to more Ghanaian students; and increase the doctor-patient ratio in the nation to an acceptable level.


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