Fake security operative threatens to kill Times reporter

Kofi Adzivor, who allegedly posed as a national security operative and extorted GH₵ 700 from the headmistress of the Hoviefe Junior High School almost two years ago, has vowed to kill this reporter for reporting the story in the Ghanaian Times.

He stalked this reporter and caught up with him at the K.K. House at Ho-Hliha last Tuesday evening and issued the death threat, saying: “You wait until I get you.”

He then advanced toward this reporter and attempted to insert his fingers in his eye, but missed.

Adzivor then went on to say that: “I have all your secrets in my palm and I will deal with you anytime I want to. Just try me again and see what will happen to you.

“The next time I spot you somewhere, even if you say nothing, but I don’t like your body language, you will see what I will do to you.”

A journalist who was at the scene intervened to prevent Adzivor from getting physical with this reporter.

Adzivor was sulking over the story carried by the Ghanaian Times in February 2018, in which he was helping the police into claims that he sought help from a friend to storm the school and accused the headmistress of charging unauthorised PTA dues, before demanding the money to ‘kill’ the matter.

When he was later identified by a teacher at the school, Adzivor who was a reporter for an Accra private newspaper at the time, was said to have turned round to accuse the headmistress, Madam Precious Adade of bribing him.

At a Volta Ghana Journalist Association inquest into the matter at Ho, Adzivor admitted taking the money from the headmistress, but said the he was gathering evidence for the police.

A report has been made to the police about the vile threats Adzivor made at this reporter.

He was said to have denied making any such threat when contacted by the police.


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