Eight secessionists to appear before court today

The eight members of the Homeland Study Group who were arrested for agitating for autonomous state for Volta Region last Sunday would be put before a court, in Accra, today.

The suspects who are still in custody are likely to be charged with conspiracy to commit treason, unlawful training, and assembly and offensive conduct conducive to breach peace.

A reliable police source told the Ghanaian Times in Accra yesterday but gave no further details.

The Ghanaian Times  reported in its May 7 edition that eight members of the Homeland Study Group have been arrested for agitating for an autonomous state for the Volta Region by the security agencies in Ho, last Sunday and airlifted to Accra.

In a swoop carried out immediately they finished a meeting in a building adjacent to the Ho Royal Hospital, the police arrested them following intelligence gathered by the security agencies.

The members of the group were identified as Charles K. Kudzordzi, 85, the group leader, Benjamin Agbodzagah, 48; Nipple Tonye Kudzo, 61 and Agbenyagah Akudzi, 54.

The rest are Thompson Taught, 58; Kofi Dzreke, 54; Freeman Bilaku, 36 and Bisa Akorli.

According to the police, the meeting attended by the suspects was a prelude to plans by the Homeland Study Group to declare independence for the region.


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