Corruption fight is tough; all hands must be on deck to combat it!

It is now certain that we cannot stop writing about corruption so long as the canker persists in the society.

Indeed, each passing day, it is a subject that is discussed in public places including churches, mosques, schools and market places because of its pervasiveness in society.

The practice is so endemic not only in Africa but around the world. In fact the World Bank defines it as the abuse of public office for private gain.

For Transparency International, no one country in the world is corruption free, including those in the G20 and even those considered as long-lived democracies.

However, it is nonetheless disturbing that the fight against corruption in Ghana appears to be daunting and there seem to be no end.

It is in this light, that we support the call by the Vice President, Dr Mahamadu Bawumia to religious groups and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to continue to speak up and generate awareness on the fight against corruption.

“The fight against corruption is an ongoing activity that all of us must be involved in”,  the Vice President said while addressing thousands of Ahmadi Muslims at the 88th Annual Convention of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community at Pomadze, near Winneba on Saturday.

The call by the Vice President is just one of the numerous ways the country is pursuing corruption that has plagued the nation.

Indeed, it has become a matter of concern for various segment of the population including religious bodies particularly because of the cost to the country.

It is, therefore, important for all hands to be on deck to continuously speak about it so that the public can effectively get involved in the combat of the canker.

The anti-corruption fight cannot be fought by the government alone. It requires the collective effort of all of us including religious bodies and CSOs.

It is the prayer of the Ghanaian Times that every Ghanaian would heed the call by the Vice President and get involved in the fight to collectively get rid of the scourge.

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