Clergyman asks men to win souls for Christ

The Bishop of the Northern Accra Diocese (NAD) of the Methodist Church Ghana, Rt Rev Prof. Joseph M.Y. Edusa-Eyison, has asked men of the church to win souls for Christ.

He said men “must lead the way of evangelism and disciple, making the sharing of the word to their neighbours practical, altruistic and vicarious’ to support the attainment of the mission of the Church in expanding the kingdom of God.”

Prof. Edusa-Eyison was addressing the Northern Accra Diocese of the Methodist Church Ghana, during a ‘Time with the Bishop’ programme, at the Immanuel Methodist Society in the Regimanuel-Gray Estates in Accra.

He said it was religious and practical responsibility of men, especially those of the Methodist Men’s Fellowship to teach about Christ .

The Superintendent Minister of the Airport East Circuit of the Methodist Church Ghana, Very Rev Dr Jacob W. French, in a devotion, urged men to live a life of fragrance and beautiful scent.

This, he explained, ” will let people know and identify that a true Christian had crossed that path and left a mark worthy of emulating. And that as men of Christ it is their responsibility to display the beauty, aroma, and kindness as demonstrated by the Lord Jesus Christ.”

The National President of the Association of Methodist Men’s Fellowship, Mr  George Opare-Baidu, said the fellowship was to complement the efforts of the clergy in the spiritual and physical growth of the church, and called for a sound and positive relationship between the fellowship and the clergy.

He urged men to consider the work of God more important than any other activity, as there was more blessing in offering and devoting one’s time to the service of God than any other activity.

The ‘Time with the Bishop’ programme, hosted by the Airport  East Circuit of the Association of Methodist Men’s Fellowship, was the second in the series for the Northern Accra Diocese and formed part of the first anniversary celebrations of the Northern Accra Diocese of the Methodist Church Ghana.

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