Assemblies of God Church holds marriage seminar

The More than Conquerors Assemblies of God Church, in Accra, has organised a marriage seminar dubbed, ‘Marriage brewed in Eden’ at the church’s premises.

Hosted by Rev. Dr Freeman Osei-Tete and Mrs Enid Osei-Tete, the seminar discussed three topics including diligence in marriage, denials in marriage and divorce or death and re-marriage.

According to Rev. Osei-Tete, the seminar was organised to showcase how marriage was planned by God and for couples to handle their marriages better, adding that, this would restore and repair marriages which was at the verge of collapsing.

He reiterated that marriages were better in years back because it was based on assigned roles to clearly distinct what both couple were supposed to do, saying, “Marriage is like a triangle with God at the top, where the bases lies the husband and the wife,” and added that, when couples see marriage as a triangle with God as their topmost hope, they would enjoy a peaceful marriage.

Addressing the seminar, Rev. Osei-Tete stated that marriage was the only institution where a certificate was given before the exams was written; this was to give an assurance to the couple that they could face any challenges that may come their way.

Per his statistics gathered, about 76 per cent marriages were going bad because the women are richer, more influential, more educated and pays the bills at home, making the woman feel superior over the man, which in turn breeds marital issues at home.

He stressed that about 80 per cent of men lose their marriages due to the stiffness of their heart.

The counsellor reiterated that 55 per cent of women whose marriages fail, was because they have a room in their father’s house, so they pack their luggage to the house when an issue arises between the couple; also, 56 per cent of men lose marriages because they do not understand how to relate well with women.

Rev. Osei-Tete admonished women to be submissive to their husbands as instructed by God in order to make the home peaceful for the couple, and cited that some spouses intentionally stay long at work places in order to avoid the embarrassing reception they may receive at home.

The reverend urged couples to ensure tranquility in their homes to enjoy peaceful marriages; however, he urged the participants at the seminar to be transparent to their spouses in order to build trust.

Again, he advised wives to stop blocking their husbands and children from visiting the paternal family members, because it does not promote a good relationship between the two families.

Rev. Osei-Tete stated that, every marriage has conditions, challenges and comfort, so there was the need for couples to protect each other and must set their spouses as a first priority over everything.


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