Advocacy group stages peaceful protest at Africa Climate Week event

PA renewable energy advocacy group on Thursday staged a peaceful protest at the Africa Climate Week event in Accra, to press home the need for the Ghanaian government to accelerate its efforts to ramp up renewable energy generation towards reduction of climate change threats.

Re-echoing their message through placards and patriotic songs, the group, called 350-Ghana Reducing our Carbon (350-GROC), reminded the government of its promise to help the country transition towards 10 per cent of renewable energy by 2030.

 “This decision is exactly the kind of policy we need to fight climate change right now. We’re at a tipping point,” Ms Portia Adu-Mensah, National Coordinator of the group, told the journalists after the protest.

The Africa Climate Week 2019, which ended yesterday, afforded the about 2,000 state and non-state climate actors across the world who attended the opportunity to discuss ways to reduce climate change effects under the theme, “Climate change action in Africa: A race we can win.”

Ms Adu-Mensah said the continuous dependence on fossil fuels would escalate its negative effect on the populace, and that, it was time to break free and move towards a more environment-friendly option.

“There is no other way to stop climate breakdown, we must keep fossil fuels in the ground and transition towards 100 per cent renewable energy for all as soon as possible. We cannot afford to wait any longer, it has to start somewhere,” she said.

Ms Adu-Mensah commended the government for efforts being made and urged Ghanaians to support the group to keep the government on track and help leave a legacy for the next generation.

“A Ghana, 100 per cent powered by the sun and the wind is on our doorstep. Let’s seize this opportunity and build a renewable energy future,” she said.


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