Abola celebrates annual Homowo festival

The Abola traditional area, a divisional clan in James Town of the Ga State marked the celebration of the annual Homowo festival last Saturday in Accra.

Clad in red cloth, the celebration saw the chief sprinkling ‘kpokpoi’, a traditional dish at sacred places, including the 19 gates of the area as well as some residences.

The rituals were performed amidst the pouring of libation, eating of the traditional meal and characterised by traditional drumming, dancing, reunion of family members and friends, and merry-making.

The celebration, which brought together hundreds of indigenes, politicians and visitors, witnessed firing of muskets and the singing of Ga traditional songs to climax the celebration.

This year’s celebration witnessed the former President and the flag-bearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama, and the chiefs within Ga Mashie marching down roads and streets chanting in joy after the performance of the rituals.

The Abola Mantse and Ga Atofotse, Nii Ahene Nunoo III, speaking exclusively to Ghanaian Times, explained that the festival was celebrated to remember the famine which once happened in the history of Ga.

He said the celebration began with the planting of maize which was used to prepare the ‘kpokpoi’, stressing that the sprinkling of the meal was done to show gratitude to the gods and ancestors for a bountiful harvest.

The Abola Mantse noted that Abola was a key area in Ga Mashie which needed support to help address the challenges encountered by the youth in helping to drive forward the developmental agenda of the country.

He indicated that Greater Accra was the nation’s capital and would be a disadvantage to the nation if unemployment issues of the area was not resolved, hence pleaded with the government and other stakeholders to provide a slot that would enable the chiefs to fix unemployed individuals in the needed field.

“Ga community needs more development; starting with Agbogbloshie, government needs to build skyscrapers in area  to ease congestion, also we are pleading with the President to subsidise rent of apartments and address landguard issues,” he added.

Nii Ahene Nunoo III urged the indigenes to unite and celebrate the festival peacefully and expressed gratitude to stakeholders, organisations and individuals who supported the festival.

He called for the ancestors and God’s blessings upon their lives.


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