Ziblim Iddi: NPP campaign promises not time bound

Dr Iddi

Dr Iddi

The government of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) cannot fulfil all of its campaign promises by 2020, the Deputy Minister of

, Dr. Ziblim Iddi has stated.


According to him, some of the promises made by the party during the campaigning period didn’t have timelines and cannot be completed within four years.


His comments come after concerns were raised over whether the NPP will be able to fulfil its promise of building theatres for all 10 regions in the country.

Dr. Iddi pointed out that some of the manifesto promises made by the party were not time bound and would be completed when the President is given another term in office.


“If you go to the manifesto, we didn’t put timelines on campaign promises and if by 2020 we are not able to do all 10, Ghanaians should be rest assured that if given the second term in office and I know they will give us the second chance, the President will complete it.


“To be realistic, we are not at a point where I can say that in this four years, the first term of the President we will be able to do that and I am just being realistic about it but in the end President Nana Akufo-Addo will likely be given an eight-year mandate by Ghanaians,” Dr Iddi touted.


The Deputy Minister recently became an object of public scrutiny when he indicated that the NPP did not promise to build new structures during its campaigning towards the 2016 elections and was criticised.


Dr Iddi had stated that the NPP promised to pursue the construction of theatres and didn’t promise to construct new theatres in all 10 regions.


He has, however, now admitted that it would be difficult for the Akufo-Addo-led administration to fulfil all promises by the end of 2020. –pulse.com.gh


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