Zenith Hygiene Systems Begins Operations In Ghana

Zenith Hygiene Systems (Ghana) Limited, a subsidiary of the Zenith Hygiene Group Plc in the United Kingdom (UK) has launched operations in Ghana.

The company, the largest privately owned independent chemical company in the UK and highly revered in Europe for their tailor-made hygiene solutions, enters Ghana with over 700 top-notch varying chemical products.

A statement issued by the company and copied to the press in Accra said when fully operational by August, Zenith Hygiene will be supplying a one-stop shop hygiene solution packages such as chemicals, food manufacturing, paper hygiene, waste management, personal hygiene, catering and cleaning equipment for hotels, restaurants, public houses, healthcare, leisure markets and contract cleaners.

“Many people love fresh cleaning. We felt there was a niche for a new type of convenience for those who are looking for something special and varied. What we present to Ghanaians are chemical products that would enhance lives. Our promise is to introduce stakeholders to our wide range of convenient products with constant supply,” Mr. Kojo Hastings, Zenith Hygiene Systems (Ghana) Limited Chief Executive Officer said in the statement.

The statement said Zenith Hygiene Systems boasts of quality products that focus on customer needs, declaring that the company is committed to continuous improvement so all products consistently meet the needs of customers and comply with international standards.

It said although there are many chemicals and cleaning equipment companies in the country, Zenith Hygiene Systems intends to offer more, having developed a cutting-edge means of meeting everyday cleaning and janitorial needs.

The statement said Zenith Hygiene Systems will soon open up to major distributors across the country.

“With the establishment of a factory in Ghana as part of its medium term plan, Zenith Hygiene is truly here to stay,” it said.

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