Zambian leader to sign new constitution

Zambian President Edgar Lungu yesterday said he was ready to assent to the new constitution as soon as it reaches his office.

Last Friday, the Zambian parliament approved the 2015 Constitution Amendment Bill which paves the way for the enactment of a new constitution, amid protests from constitutional campaigners over the decision by the lawmakers to remove some clauses from the draft constitution.

But Lungu told reporters before departing for northern Zambia to check on development programs that some people have asked him not to rush into signing the bill into law.

“I am ready to sign the bill as soon as I receive it. People have been given the constitution which they have been waiting for. They wanted the constitution and we have given it to them but some people are saying I should not rush into signing it,” he said.

The Zambian leader said it is unfortunate that some people wanted to be against any progressive ideas the government is embarking on.


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