Youth urged to create jobs for themselves

The youth must not be despaired by the current rate of unemployment but rather be creative in their thinking so that they can create jobs for themselves, Martyn Mensah, Chief Executive Officer of Unique Trust (UT) Holdings has said.
“Just take a look at what is happening around you and find a way of using the situation to make money, no matter the amount,” he said.
Mr. Mensah said: “You don’t need millions or thousands of cedis before you start a business; start something with the little amount of money you have and out of the small profit that will come out of the business, try to save, because little drops of water makes a mighty ocean.”
The Chief Executive Officer was speaking to the Ghanaian Times on the sidelines of the Fourth Congregation of the Catholic Institute of Business and Technology (CIBT) in Accra
He admonished Ghanaians, particularly the youth, to be hardworking and innovative instead of relying on government for job opportunity.
“All though government has the responsibility to create more jobs, the public sector cannot absorb everybody, so please ensure you become your own bosses because with determination anything is possible. Strive hard to be the change you need,” he said.
Mr. Mensah called for a general stimulation of the economy to create employment for graduates after completing their education.
He also urged government to put in more measures to reduce the high rate of unemployment in the country, especially among the youth “because unemployment does not only affect the person who is unemployed, but also their families and the society.”
He added that, as job rates decline, resources and the economy gets affected because people who were unemployed spend less, which makes it difficult for local businesses to rake in enough revenue.
According to Mr. Mensah, the longer a person stays out of job, the more difficult it becomes to find one because employers would not want to hire a person who has stayed without of job for a long time since it could affects the skill of the individual.
He explained that, currently, less than 12 per cent of graduates get jobs after their education at the university, adding that it was one of the reasons why many choose to travel to developed countries in search for jobs.
Travelling outside the country in search for jobs, he said, was not the solution to the problem of unemployment either, since that also comes with some disadvantages.


By Raissa Sambou

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