Youth group suggests setting up govt surveillance c’ttee

Mr Fredrick Duncan Modzabi

Mr Fredrick Duncan Modzabi

A youth group calling itself Public Youth and Students Movement of Ghana (PYSMG) is advocating the establishment of a committee to supervise democratic governance in Ghana.

It suggested that such committee should operate under the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs concurrent with government.

Speaking at a press briefing in Accra on Monday, Founder and Leader of the group, Fredrick Duncan Modzabi, said, the lack of action on governmental reports, mismanagement, bribery, stealing and corruption has made democratic governance in Ghana porous.

According to him, the setting up of the committee would ensure adequate supervision and evaluation of government policies.

Mr Modzabi proposed that the committee should comprise of two members of every active political party, a member from the Christian Council, Islamic Council, two youth representatives, one member of government Finance committee, a member each of security agencies, Trade Union Congress (TUC) and two from the education sector.

The founder explained that, the committee would help keep government on its toes, “to do what is proper for the people and develop the country”.

Mr Modzabi noted that, the committee if set up, would serve as a channel for the public to present ideas and assessment on governance to the government to enhance democracy.

This, he said, would help promote infrastructural development and “eliminate unequal distribution of the national cake”.

“The establishment of the Zongo Development Ministry by government is the recognition that people in the Zongo communities need support. However, others too need support,” he stated.

He appealed to the President, Parliament and all stakeholders to endorse the establishment of such committees towards national development.



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