Youth cautioned against tribal, partisan politics

Mr Emmanuel Asigri, CEO, NYA

Mr Emmanuel Asigri, CEO, NYA

The National Youth Authority (NYA), in the Upper West Region has cautioned the youth to eschew tribal and partisan politics as they retard development.

It said such tendencies by the youth derail their focus on nation building and delving into partisan and tribal politics pose danger of polarising the society.

Mumuni Sulemana, the Regional Executive Director of NYA, cautioned at the climax of its ninth edition of Mentors and Achievers Awards at Jirapa on the theme: ‘Building society by appreciating the roles played by our leaders,’ was aimed to appreciate mentors and achievers who had inspired and contributed to the development of the region.

He pointed out that “most people are overly partisan and political in nature to the extent that when someone is working towards a good course, others are bent on distracting those using tribal and political affiliations”.

Mr Sulemana appealed to the youth to bury their tribal and political differences and rather focus on building a united front towards accelerated development.

Mogtari Sahanun, a former Ghana Ambassador to Burkina Faso entreated the youth to “strike” harder for success and be responsible citizens saying “young people should continue working hard towards progress until they achieve greater success, venture into agriculture, realise it as a business entity and stop looking up to politicians for petty assistance.

Madam Christine Bonbanye-Amadu, the Jirapa Municipal Chief Executive, urged the youth to desist from social vices and the use of illicit drugs and pledged support of the assembly to assist any youth policy geared towards development with financial backing.

People who had mentored others in various endeavours and others who had been graded as having achieved in life were recognised with different awards to serve as inspiration to the youth. -GNA

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